Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow…

Howdy Ranch Fans, how was your Holiday?

I’m sure you have heard me say it before, “Nothing cleans up a farm like six or eight inches of snow.” and its true, I also say “the faster you drive by, the better our farm looks” but thats more of a summer time joke and it is certainly winter. Secretly all I ever really want for Christmas is snow, deep, fluffy, powdery snow, the kind of snow that squeaks under your feet when you walk on it, the kind of snow that sparkles in the moonlight like a field of diamonds. I guess I just never really grew up. Anyway, this year we got some snow. It also looks like its going to stay cold enough to keep it around for awhile. You know who else loves snow? Skeeter dog, there really isnt anything more fun in the winter than watching a dog race laps around you smashing through snowdrifts like a Subaru commercial, positively beaming with joy. I love that dog so much. This snow event hasnt been too hard on the back either, this is the kind of snow you can sweep away with a broom, its on a base of heavier wet snow that packed down, so even if the wind picks up and makes drifts there wont be too many bare batches. Who would have thought I could be so moved by snow.

Early Morning Visitor

I saw tracks in the snow on top of the barn and was wondering who it could be, come to find out its been a fox. We have been watching the fox for a few years now, there was a pair of them always hunting, they had kits and were living with the neighbors. Isnt he handsome all grown up and red? I think hes handsome. I hope he sticks around. Having a fox does make me realize that we dont have as many coyotes as we used to and now, consequently, we seem to have more deer than we used to. I’ll take coyotes over deer any day. Speaking of dogs playing in the snow, several years back I watched a pair of coyotes take a break from hunting voles, throw caution to the wind and play with each other in the fresh snow. It was pretty fun to see. What can I say I love the wild things…well except for deer. I dont like deer at all.

The high for today!

Its going to stay cold and snow all week, as you may have gathered I’m excited about it. Its been a really long time since its been cold enough to make snow fun. I see sleds, snow shoes and skis in my future. Probably some snow removal as well but that comes with the territory. The New Year is right around the corner, almost time to plant the onions can you believe it? Next thing you know we will be rolling the plastic down on the hoop houses and planting spring crops. I hope 2022 is going to be a great year, but for now I’m going to wring the last bit of fun I can out of this year, I hope you all do too.

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